In celebration of National Arbor Day, the Blandford Tree Warden, Mark Boomsma, is coordinating efforts to provide trees to property owners for planting on private property. These trees will be at no direct cost to the resident other than a commitment by the property owner to take responsibility for watering and maintaining the tree. It is our intent to promote environmental stewardship and increase climate resiliency as well as to maintain Blandford’s rural character.

The trees we have available for planting are White Oak, Blue Spruce, Persimmon, and Rose of Sharon. Trees will be available for pick up at the Town Hall located at 1 Russell Stage Road on Saturday, April 24 between 8:00am and 12pm. For any resident that cannot make this time, please contact the Tree Warden at 413-717-0212 to make arrangements. Residents including seniors who may need assistance with planting the tree, be sure to let the Tree Warden know so that arrangements for such assistance can be made. Please know that when deciding which tree you want and where to plant it, we ask that people take into consideration the size the tree will grow to when it matures, the proximity to any building structures, and if there are any overhead or underground utilities that will interfere with the tree.

Happy National Arbor Day!