hometown heroesThe Town of Blandford invites residents and organizations to honor the “Hometown Hero” in their lives with a public banner noting military service. The Office of the Board of Selectmen is accepting applications for the Hometown Heroes Program, which involves sponsoring a banner to honor a Veteran from the Town. The banner will contain the name, photo, branch, and era of the honoree and will be publicly displayed along Main Street.

The Blandford Historical Society was the first to sponsor a banner to honor Private Charles A. Taggart. Following the Civil War, the Congressional Medal of Honor was awarded to Private Taggart for the capture of a Confederate flag during the Battle of Sailor’s Creek, VA. He was born in Blandford on January 17, 1843, and enlisted at the age of 19. He fought in more than 20 battles and was wounded three times at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. Private Taggart’s canteen, tin cup, knife and spoon, cap, cartridge box, pieces of the flag he captured, and his Medal of Honor are on display at the Blandford Historical Society located at 2 North Street, Blandford, MA 01008.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a banner, please complete this application. Requirements and conditions are outlined in the application. Any questions call the Interim Town Administrator, Joshua A. Garcia, at 413-848-4279, ext. 2, or send an email.