The Town of Blandford is excited to introduce a new online system for submitting Building, Plumbing/Gas and Electrical Permit applications. This system is fully automated when applying and paying online, viewing your application status and printing of the following Building Permit applications:

• Certificate of Inspection
• Commercial Building Permit
• Electrical Permit
• Gas Permit
• Plumbing Permit
• Residential Building Permit

To begin, create an account here in order to use the system by selecting *New User Register Here*. Once you have created your account credentials, login and click on the upper left button “New Application”. Select “Blandford” and the appropriate Building permit to complete the application.

Once your application is submitted, you can click on the “eye” icon () to view the status of your permit application. Permit applications are addressed quickly, but please allow at least 48 hours for your application to be reviewed. If you do not hear anything within 48 hours, contact the Town Administrator’s office here so he can assist with any troubleshooting.

Town Staff will use the “chat” feature for any questions or to let you know if additional information or documents need to be uploaded. You can chat back by clicking on the bubble icon ().

You can pay online after the appropriate Inspector reviews your permit and sets the status to “Ready for Payment”. Log back in and pay with an online check (your check routing number and account number), or credit card.

After the permit is issued, you can log into your account here and print your permit.

Anyone uncomfortable with or unable to use the electronic version of applying for a permit can still submit the traditional way via paper. For more information, visit the appropriate pages: Building Inspector | Electrical Inspector | Plumbing & Gas Inspector

This system was made possible thanks to a grant received by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Administration and Finance through the E&R Grant.