Elected positions are noted with an (E) and Appointed positions are noted with an (A).

Assessors (E)

Stephen Jemiolo (2019-2022), Amie McLaughlin (2020-2023)
  (413) 848-4279, ext. 200
  [email protected]
  Meetings: Mondays from 5pm-7pm
Assistant Assessor: Linda Bevan

  Office Hours (as of 8/25/21)
M: 1pm-4:30pm
W: 1pm-4:30pm

Real Estate: $17.76
Personal Property: $17.76
Commercial: $17.76

The following is an example of typical residential tax change of an average single family home with the $17.76 rate:

Residential Class Average FY19 Value Average FY19 Tax at $17.21 Average FY20 Value Average FY20 Tax at $17.76 Change expected for FY20 period
Single Family Homes $219,320 $3,774 $219,946 $3,904 +130

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