Improved Broadband Access Outside Town Hall

Thanks to Westfield Gas & Electric, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and at no cost to us, we now have higher speed internet access outside of Town Hall.
There are two open WiFi connections (no password required) – WCF-WIFI-5G and WCF-WIFI. Access point is the kitchen window, and closer to that gives higher speeds.

Town Internet Access Points:
Town Hall parking lot: 1 Russell Stage Road. Network connection = TOB-GUEST; or WhipCityFiber_Wifi; or WhipCityFiber_Wifi-5G
Post Office parking lot & Bicentennial Park: 102 Main Street. Network connection = BlandfordFD-Guest
Porter Memorial Library parking lot: 87 Main Street

As the weather gets nicer, it will be tempting to sit on the green outside of these public areas to use WiFi. Considering this, please be sure to practice guidelines for social distancing and other protocols to keep yourself and others safe from any possible spread of COVID-19.

UPDATED – Hardship Request Form – Excise and 4th Quarter Real Estate and Property Tax Payments

Hardship Request Form in Response to Governor’s 3/10/2020 State of Emergency Declaration Allowing to Waive Interest and Fees up to June 4th for Excise Tax and 4th Quarter Real Estate and Property Tax Payments

The Town is taking applications to waive penalties and interest for 30 days if excise tax and 4th quarter real estate and property tax payments cannot be paid by the current due date of May 4th. This means if you complete the application, all late payment interest and fees for excise tax, real estate and personal property, upon approval of the Board of Selectmen, will be waived up to June 4th for excise tax, fourth quarter real estate and personal property tax payments. Interest will begin to accrue on June 5th for those who have not paid on or before June 29th. This action is being considered to ease any burden and provide some time for property owners that may be experiencing hardship due to COVID-19 related circumstances. NOTE: This DOES NOT include water payments. Water payments will continue as scheduled.

To submit a Hardship Request, complete the form online here
You can also download a PDF printable copy here
• Or request a copy by emailing

Applications can also be mailed or dropped off using the outside locked drop box at Town Hall located at 1 Russell Stage Road.

Residents who are not experiencing hardship and are able to pay by the due date of May 4th, we encourage you to use the Town’s online payment option to pay real estate, personal property, excise taxes, and water bills. Click here to pay bills online using Unipay. Payments can also be made by mail or by using the outside locked drop box at Town Hall located at 1 Russell Stage Road. DO NOT mail cash.

Any questions, contact the Treasurer/Collector, Sara Hunter, at