Public Hearing – May 1, 2019 – Blandford Zoning Bylaw

The Blandford Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 6:30 PM, in the Selectmen’s Office in the Town Hall, 1 Russell Stage Road, Blandford, MA. The purpose of the public hearing is to receive public comment and consider amending the Blandford Zoning Bylaw and related Map, amending and the zoning bylaw and map by taking the following steps:

  1. Amending Section XIII: Definitions of the zoning bylaw, adding terms related to marijuana.
  2. Amending Section XII: Schedule of Uses Table, providing for Marijuana Establishments, with Special Permit/Site Plan Approval in Certain Districts
  3. Amending zoning bylaw by adding new Section XVI: Adult Use Marijuana Establishments
  4. Amending and restating the Blandford Zoning Map and Section III: Establishment of Districts, specific to deleting and replacing new text for contracting the boundaries of the residential zoning district and expanding the business zoning district.

The text and maps are on file for review during normal business hours with the Town Clerk during normal business hours.

Any person interested or wishing to be heard on the application should appear at the time and place designated.

Richard Barnard
Chairman, Blandford Planning Board

Public Hearing – April 17, 2019 – Otis Stage Road Photovoltaic Project

The Town of Blandford Planning Board will hold a public hearing on April 17, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Town Hall (Selectmen’s Office), 1 Russell Stage Road, Blandford MA 01008 to consider the application for project titled “Otis Stage Road Photovoltaic Project” submitted by Blandford Solar LLC, 700 University Boulevard A1A/JB, Juno Beach, FL 33408 for a site plan approval as required under the following sections of Blandford Zoning Bylaw:

• Section VIII – Large Scale Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Installations (LSGMSPI)
• Section IX – Site Plan Review

Download the agenda here.

Rabies Shots for Dogs & Cats / Dog Licenses

Resident dog and cat owners can have their pets inoculated against rabies for $12 on Saturday, March 30 from noon to 1 p.m. at the Blandford Town Offices at 1 Russell Stage Road.

Veterinarian Dr. Hazel Holman of the Blandford Animal Hospital will administer the shots. Pet owners should bring records of previous rabies inoculations.

Dog licenses will be available at the rabies clinic. Tags for intact animals are $10 and spayed or neutered dog tags are $5.

All Blandford dogs must have new tags by May 1.

Town Census

A second mailing has gone out to residents for completion of household residents for the town’s annual census. Residents should be aware that Mass General Laws, Ch. 56, sec. 4 says that a fine of up to $500 can be imposed for failure to return the census form. There is also the possibility for imprisonment.

Please return your form. If you have not received one, please contact the Town Clerk at (413) 848-4279, ext. 203.