Scheduling Your Vaccine Appointment

Blandford Board of Health urges residents to go online and schedule your vaccine appointments if you qualify in the Phase II vaccination process. You will be directed to the closest location to Blandford.

If you are 75 and older and are unable to use or have difficulty accessing the internet, to schedule an appointment online, you can call 2–1–1 and follow prompts to reach The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

The resource line is available in English and Spanish and will have translators available. Individuals ages 75 and older will be able to speak to a representative live on the phone to assist them with an appointment. If no appointments are available, callers will have the option to be placed on a call back list for the mass vaccination sites. The vaccination site and the list will be called on a first-come first-served basis.

The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line is for scheduling appointments only and representatives are not able to answer general questions about COVID-19 or provide individual health care advice.

2/22/21 COVID-19 Update from the Board of Health

Since January 8, 2021, the Board of Health has spent numerous hours working on providing the town with a vaccine clinic. We have worked with the Department of Public Health, MIIS, Bay State and Prep Mod.

On February 16th, we received notification our MCVP agreement was complete and “Provider site is eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available.” On February 15th, we received authorization from Bay State to over see our vaccine clinic.

On February 17th, we authorized Solow to ship our required refrigeration/freezer unit.

On February 18th, the Board of Health received the following from Secretary of State Marylou Sudders who wrote:

“Effective the week of March 1st, the state will no longer provide first dose vaccines for individual municipal clinics, except for the twenty disproportionately impacted communities and established and approved Regional Collaboratives. Municipalities will receive second doses to ensure that all residents have been fully vaccinated by individual local Board of Health clinics.”

The Blandford Board of Health can continue to provide a vaccine clinic but would have to open this clinic to all individuals in the state of Massachusetts and collaborate with our surrounding towns. This means we would have to have more paperwork and commitments from the surrounding towns guaranteeing the state we would produce 750 vaccines a day/5 day a week.

During COVID-19, the administration has changed their regulations so many times, it has always been hard to keep up with. This last change, I honestly have no words for. We have been led to believe up until the very last day, that we could provide our small town with a vaccine clinic.

Proposed Fee Changes for Electrical Permits

Dear Residents,

At our Select Board meeting on February 8, 2021, the electrical inspector presented a proposed fee change for electrical permits. The Select Board decided to post the proposed changes for two weeks to allow the opportunity for public comment and feedback. Please review the following proposed changes and submit any comments to Town Administrator at (413) 848-4279, ext. 502 or [email protected] – to the attention of the Select Board. The Select Board plans to revisit the discussion for the March 1, 2021 Select Board meeting.

• $50.00 for the first inspection; Includes a one-time $10.00 processing fee
• $40.00 per additional inspection

• Single Family Dwelling: $175.00 (up to 3 inspections)
• Multi Family Dwelling: Per Unit of Apartment-plus service: $75.00
• Renovations: $125.00 (up to 2 inspections)
• Appliance wiring (single) and oil burner wiring: $50.00
• Service changes: $75.00
– Over 400 amps: $100.00
– Each additional meter: $25.00
• All swimming pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs, etc.: $75.00
• Fee for work not specified: $75.00

• Up to 10KW: $150.00
• 10KW to 50KW: $200.00
• OVER 50KW: Call for Fee
– *Rooftop requires Panel Ready and Final Inspection
– *Ground Mount also requires underground inspection

Commercial (Service or Feeder)
• 100 TO 200 AMPS: $100.00
• 200 TO 2,000 AMPS: $150.00
• OVER 2,000 AMPS: $200.00

New Construction
• Up to 1,800 sq, ft.: $175.00
• Over 1,800 sq ft.: $0.10 per sq. ft.
*Plus service

Alarm Systems – Fire and Security
• Residential: $75.00
• Commercial: $125.00
• Residential Apartments: $50.00 per unit

Fees for Reinspection: $75

Cara Letendre, Chair
Select Board