Pavement Management Report

The Town of Blandford is pleased to present a recently completed Pavement Management Report done by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in conjunction with our Highway Department. This report includes an evaluation and forecast of pavement conditions and maintenance requirements of all paved roads within the town using PAVEMENTView which assessed the present pavement conditions and forecasted them annually based on a family of historically derived roadway deterioration curves. Through the application, this report summarized the findings of Blandford’s present roadway condition survey and examines the implications of two investment scenarios. In all, this report will aid the town in the effective allocation of tax dollars to road maintenance needs so the town can make informed decisions to effectively administer the limited amount of available roadway improvement funds in our effort to preserve the integrity of the towns roadway system while conserving fiscal resources to the maximum possible.

Download the report here.

Town Election Results

There are 967 registered voters. There were 781 ballots cast from early voting, absentee ballots (there were two) and in-person voting on Tuesday.

Blandford’s certified, and now audited results are official:

President Donald Trump took 455 votes to 307 for Joseph Biden; teams Hawkins and Walker had one vote while Jorgensen and Cohen had 13. There were six blank votes for the electors of the president and vice president.

Sen. Edward Markey had 283 votes to Kevin O’Connor’s 452 and write-in candidate Shiva Ayyadurai had 19. Congressional Rep. Richard Neal had 464 votes, he was unopposed, as were Councilor Mary Hurley with 471, State Rep. Smitty Pignatelli with 470 and State Sen. Adam Hinds with 456.

Lori Landers-Carvalho took 396 votes to Rosemary Saccomani’s 289 for Register of Probate.