The Board of Selectmen held a Tax Classification Hearing on December 14, 2020 to determine the percentage of the Town’s property tax levy to be borne by each major property class as described in Chapter 40, Section 56 of MGL, as amended, and voted in support of the recommendation of the Board of Assessors.

The Board of Assessors has calculated the following tax rates needed for FY21 – which is the same rate in FY20:

Property Class
• Residential = $17.76
• Commercial = $17.76
• Industrial = $17.76
• Personal Property = $17.76

The Department of Revenue has certified the tax recap. The following is an example of typical residential tax change we can expect on an average single family home with the $17.76 rate:

Average FY20 Value Average Tax Average FY21 Value Average Tax Change
$219,800 $3,904 $224,530 $3,988 $84.00

Although the tax rate is the same, the average single family home value increased by approximately 2.3% in response to the improving market. The average vacant land parcel increased 4.5%. Commercial and industrial property values increased modestly as well. Individual parcel valuations may vary from the class average due to data updates and corrections, new construction, and the effects of market trends on their specific characteristics.

Click here for FY21 Tax Classification Hearing Report.