Plumbing & Gas Inspection Permit Fee Schedule

$50.00 per permit
$10.00 processing fee

Building Department Permit Fee Schedule

Building Permits (New)
Commercial Buildings.40 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
New Dwellings, Cottages or Modular Buildings.40 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
Accessory Structures (Garages, Breezeways, Sheds, etc.).40 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
Farms, Barns, Out buildings, etc..05 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
Commercial Solar Farms1% of Contract Value

Additions, Alterations or Renovations
Additions, Dormers, Porches, Decks, etc..40 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
Interior Renovations.40 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
Slab Foundations.40 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
Piers$5.00 per pier
Re-Siding and Re-Roofing$50.00
Windows and Doors$50.00

Repairs and Demolition
Minor Repairs (i.e. water, fire damage, etc.)$50.00
Major Repairs (i.e. water, fire damage, etc.).40 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum
Demolition of Structures or Portions.20 per sq ft / $50.00 minimum

Special Permits
Above Ground Swimming Pools$30.00
In-Ground Swimming Pools$125.00
Fences, Retaining Walls, etc. over 4 ft.$25.00
Fireplaces and/or Chimneys$100.00
Sheet Metal$50.00
Solid Fuel Appliances (wood/pellet stoves)$50.00
Solar Arrays – Ground or Roof Type$150.00
Towers$5.00 per $1,000.00
Signs$10.00 per Sign

Re-Inspection Fees
Commercial$100.00 per inspection
Residential$50.00 per inspection

Fire Department Fee Schedule

Fees include permits AND inspections as needed.
Propane Storage Inspection & Permit$45.00
Oil Burner Inspection & Permit$45.00
Smoke/CO Detector Permit$45.00
Plan Review$10.00
New Alarm System Inspection$45.00
Sprinkler System Inspection$45.00
Other permits or inspections$45.00
Copies of reports$10.00
Underground Storage Tank Removal$45.00
Fire Watch Detail$45 per hr per firefighter
$100 per hr per apparatus
Turnpike Emergency Response$400 for the first hr then contract rate
Other permits or inspections not listed above$45.00