Classification and Compensation Study

In 2021, Blandford was awarded funding under the Community Compact Cabinet’s Best Practices program to develop a formal Wage and Classification Plan. Such plans detail job descriptions, employee grades, and salary ranges, thus providing municipalities with a tool to make pay decisions that are reasonable in comparison to similar work being carried out in all areas of town government. The Town contracted with the Edward J. Collins Center at UMass Boston to carry out a study which would form the basis of this plan. Throughout 2021, the Collins Center worked with the Town to document current positions, salaries, stipends, and wages. Additionally, the Center surveyed 17 surrounding communities for comparison purposes.

The final report is available for download here. Town employees reviewing the report should be aware that position titles and compensation may not reflect the most current information in all cases as the study was undertaken in 2021. Those interested in reviewing the full survey results of surrounding communities, or those with additional questions, should contact the Town Administrator.