Belle Fleur Volunteering Time In Lieu of Turkey Drive

Domenico Cardarelli of Belle Fleur recently reached out in regards to the Annual Turkey Drive that they have undertaken the last couple of years. Unfortunately, Belle Fleur does not have the budget this year. Their team believes strongly in giving back to the community and as such, they will be working with the Town to volunteer their time over the holidays. Suggestions as to events that their team could assist with are encouraged and we look forward to their services.


Blandford needs dedicated residents to fill vacancies on town boards vital to town operations. These boards are the Finance Committee, Water Commissioner and Planning Board.

These boards are responsible for effective and efficient management an operation in their respective areas in order to safeguard local public resources, protect assets, and comply with standards and regulations as well as improve the quality of life for residents.

Chair of the Board of Selectmen Cara Letendre said, “Much of what we have accomplished in Town to-date is largely thanks to the Town residents who contribute on our local boards and make important decisions that impact the fabric of our community. If it’s not for them, I can’t imagine getting anything done.”

The Finance Committee is a three-year appointed position. The appointing committee is the Board of Selectmen, Moderator, and Town Clerk. The Finance Committee’s responsibility is the development of the Town’s annual budget and recommendations at the Town’s Annual Meeting. Blandford’s budget process begins in January when the Finance Committee meets with Town departments to go over their submitted budgets for the upcoming year. The Finance Committee works with the Town Administrator to prepare the budget and present it at the Annual Town Meeting in May.

The Water Commission is a three-member board that is responsible for the Town’s Water Department and water system subject to Federal and State laws. Currently there is one vacancy to be filled by appointment until the annual town election in May.

The Planning Board members are also elected. Right now, there is one vacancy to be filled temporarily by appointment until the position expires with the May 2023 election. The Planning Board is responsible for community planning, development, and land use. The Planning Board also initiates and proposes new zoning bylaws and review amendments to them.

Town Administrator Joshua A. Garcia said, “The ability to self-govern is the right of the people as citizens of this country and as Blandford residents. Maintaining that right is a great responsibility and requires citizens to step-up and take active roles in local government.”

Residents in Town interested in joining the Town Hall team and look forward to putting into practice their right as a citizen of the Blandford community, please send a letter of interest to the attention of the Board of Selectmen and addressed to the Town Administrator at 1 Russell Stage Road, Blandford, MA 01008 or via email at [email protected].

Volunteers Wanted to Fill Vacancies

The Town of Blandford is seeking volunteers for the following openings:
Agricultural Commission, Arts Council, Building Inspector Assistant, Conservation Committee, Election Warden Alternate, Fence Viewer, Finance Committee, Planning Board, Plumbing & Gas Inspector Assistant, Recreation Committee and Registrar of Voters.

For more information on any of these openings, please contact the Town Hall.