FY22 Budget Overview and Supporting Documents

The FY22 proposed budget is based on current revenue and expense projections and a balanced understanding of Blandford’s municipal service needs with careful consideration of post COVID recovery for Blandford residents. Following a year of COVID related challenges at the state level combined with the state’s own economic challenges, this continues to limit net local aid growth. We can expect a level funded amount of local aid for FY22 as we received in FY21. Additionally, we saw minor shortfalls in our local receipts but we look forward to address without any major impact due to our conservative budget approach during our budget planning for this fiscal year anticipating possible shortfalls.

Read the full budget and narrative from the Finance Committee here →

FY21 Budget Overview and Supporting Documents

The Town of Blandford is proposing an operating budget of $4.6 million in FY 2021, not including the Water Enterprise. The Water Enterprise operating budget is proposed at $535 thousand.

• FY21 Budget Summary Report
FY21 Anticipated Revenue Summary
FY21 Proposed Budget
FY21 Expense Pie Graph
• FY21 Water Budget – Revenue and Expenditure
FY21 Annual Town Meeting Warrant – June 22, 2020

The following is a snapshot overview of the proposed budget followed by a budget narrative. Much more details of the budget can be found in the links above.

Read the full budget and narrative from the Finance Committee here →

Changes to 2020 Municipal Calendar

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to 2020 Municipal Schedule

Please be aware of the following changes/rescheduled dates on the Municipal Schedule.

  • June 1st – Monday, post for informational meeting (aka mini Town Meeting) to include on the agenda the completed and reviewed warrant. This is a Finance Committee meeting, their post.
  • June 2nd – Tuesday; 2pm-4pm and 7pm-8pm, last day to register to vote at Annual Town Meeting and Annual Town Election.
  • June 8 – Monday, Informational Meeting of the Finance Committee (aka: Mini Town Meeting) – per bylaw.
  • June 15 – Post for Town Meeting and Election, ONE WARRANT.
  • June 22 – Monday, Annual Town Meeting at 7pm – per G.L. c39, 10a. At least a half-hour prior to Annual Town Meeting the Town Administrator, Moderator, Town Clerk, Selectmen, and Town Counsel meet to review warrant.
  • June 27 – Saturday, Annual Town Election; 10am to 4pm. Per Ch. 45 of the Acts of 2020.