Construction on Blandford’s Broadband Network started on November 30, with Sertex attaching the strand (or steel cable to which the actual Fiber will be attached). The Town is divided into five Fiber Service Areas (FSA’s), which can be seen when one signs up at The order of construction and estimated go-live date is: FSA04 – Spring 2021, FSA01 – Spring 2021, FSA03 – Summer 2021, FSA02 – Summer 2021, FSA05 – Fall 2021. (see the map here)

The Network is owned by the Town and we are looking for a signup percentage as close as possible to 100% (currently at 64%). The cost to have fiber and equipment to the home (drop cost) will be paid by the Town (up to $10,000). There is a one-time $99 activation fee, with a monthly rate of only $85. No payments will be required until your service is activated. Since there is no cost, we urge everyone to sign up now – at least for a “cold drop”, which does not include equipment. If one does not have a computer, or is moving, take the “cold drop” – it will increase the “curb appeal” of the property.

For those properties with underground service, after you sign up, you will be contacted by Triwire to schedule a consultation for where the fiber will be installed. They are currently working in FSA04.

There have been several challenges, the biggest of which involved our three Turnpike crossings. The Blandford MLP has weekly status meetings with Whip city Fiber and Sertex. Progress continues on a daily basis. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Whip City Fiber at (413) 485-1251 or Peter at (413) 505-9086.