Construction is progressing well on our Broadband Network. Sertex is testing the fiber in FSA04 (North St, Chester Rd, N Blandford Rd areas), and is installing fiber and MST’s in FSA01 (Woronoco Rd and Main St areas). Additional work has also been started in FSA02 and 03. In addition, the “Middle Mile” connection from the Town Hall to the Hut will be completed this week. This connects the actual internet from Boston to Springfield to Westfield to Blandford.

Triwire crews have started to install underground services where identified (first in FSA04). Underground service is a three-step process: Initial contact, Dig Safe to check the utilities, and then digging the trench and laying conduit. When the overhead fiber has been installed and tested by Sertex, then Triwire will be able to begin installing the fiber to your home. They will contact the homeowner to schedule an appointment.

The order of construction and estimated go-live dates are: FSA04 – Spring 2021, FSA01 – Summer 2021, FSA03 – Summer 2021, FSA02 – Fall 2021, FSA05 – Fall 2021. (see the map here – hover for details)

There are five Fiber Service areas in Blandford. The Fiber will be installed area by area. When one area is completed, then the “Fiber to the Home” will be able to begin. Prior to this, people will be asked to sign up for service. The Town will cover all “drop” costs up to $10,000 per drop. This covers about 99% of the properties. In addition, our TA and COA chair have obtained a grant to cover the $99 activation fee for homeowners ages 65 and over.

In order to try and contact all premises, we are sending e-mails to all homeowners whose age is unknown to us, or who have chosen a “cold drop” (that is, not opted for the $85/month service). We are also sending postcards to homeowners who have not yet signed up. If you fall into one of these categories, and have questions, please see the contact information below.

With a free connection to your home, including equipment, there is every reason to sign up now! Please encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up if they have not already done so. We are currently at 75%.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Whip City Fiber at 413-485-1251 or Peter at 413-505-9086.