Elected positions are noted with an (E) and Appointed positions are noted with an (A).

Fence Viewer (E)

Dale Buchanon (2023-2025)

  (413) 848-4279, ext. 206

The position of Fence Viewer is a time-honored position in Blandford. It was established in 1693 by what was then called the Province Laws, well before the U.S. Constitution and also nearly 100 years before Massachusetts became a state. There are two positions, elected for a three-year term each.

Massachusetts General Laws, Ch. 49, sections 1 through 21 outline the specific duties of Fence Viewers, their authority and oversight. There are also descriptions of what constitutes a fence which may be, “constructed of rails, timber, boards, iron or stone, and brooks, rivers, ponds, creeks, ditches and hedges, or other things which the fence viewers consider equivalent thereto…”