Blandford Town Election Results
June 11, 2022
198 Ballots Cast

Assessor: David Hopson 110 votes; Stephen Jemiolo 79 votes
Board of Health: Jennifer Girard 156 votes, uncontested
Cemetery Commissioner: Theodore Cousineau 158 votes, uncontested
Fence Viewer for three years: Eric McVey 150 votes, uncontested
Fence Viewer for two years: failure to elect
Field Driver for three years: failure to elect
Library Trustee for three years: Charles Benson 161 votes, uncontested
Municipal Light Plant for three years: June Massee 105 votes; Eric McVey 78 votes
Planning Board for five years: failure to elect
Select Board for three years: Jeffrey Allen 124 votes; Thomas Ackley 73 votes
Water Commissioner for three years: Peter Thayer 115 votes; Gordon Avery 70 votes