There were 163 ballots cast in today’s election, approximately 19 percent of the town’s 875 registered voters.

Selectmen: Successful candidate Thomas Ackley, 120; incumbent William Levakis, 41
Town Clerk: Successful candidate Doris Jemiolo, 86; Staci Iglesias, 70
Water Commissioner: Incumbent Brian Champiney, 111; contender William Levakis, 47

Question: Shall the town vote to have its elected town clerk become an appointed Town Clerk of the town?
Yes: 59
No: 94

Uncontested slots successful:
Stephen Jemiolo, Assessor
Jennifer Girard, Board of Health
Bret Hartley, Board of Health
Charles Benson, Library Trustee
June Massee, Municipal Light Board
Paul Martin, Planning Board