• BBOH is anticipating a vaccine station to be up and running towards the end of February. There is a lengthy approval process we must go through and to date, we are well on our way!!! We would be offering the vaccine on Tuesday and Saturdays. When we get closer to the opening of our vaccine clinic, we will notify residents on how to sign up.
  • The easiest way to schedule a vaccine appointment or check availability is to use the online system at At this time, Blandford is not listed as a vaccine site. We will be on this list toward the end of February.

Massachusetts Vaccine scheduling Resource Line for 75 and Older
In the meantime, if you are 75 and older and are unable to use or have difficulty accessing the internet, to schedule an appointment online, you can call 2–1–1 and follow prompts to reach The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

The resource line is available in English and Spanish and will have translators available.

Individuals ages 75 and older will be able to speak to a representative live on the phone to assist them with an appointment. If no appointments are available, callers will have the option to be placed on a call back list for the mass vaccination sites. The vaccination site and the list will be called on a first come first served basis.

The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line is for scheduling appointments only and representatives are not able to answer general questions about COVID-19 or provide individual health care advice.

PHASE III – STEP I – Order No. 62

  • Returning to a 40% capacity for businesses
  • Close contact is 5 people per 1000 sq
  • Restaurants have 90 minute cap on seating
  • No.57 rescinded and 9:30 PM closings are no longer in effect
  • Gatherings remain at 10 and outdoor gatherings remain at 25

As always, please feel to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at [email protected]. Call us at (413) 848-4279, extension 401. To ensure a call back, please use our extension.