COVID-19 Updates
At this time, we encourage town residents to call (413-848-4279) or email ahead of time before going to the Town Hall. Email addresses can be found on department, board and committee pages.
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Blandford Resilient Master Plan
Virtual Implementation Workshop on May 8, 2021
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Broadband Update
Construction is progressing well on our Broadband Network – We’re getting closer!
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Blandford News

Broadband Update – May 10, 2021

High-speed internet is now available for residents to use at the Fiber Hut – 4 North Blandford Road.

Similar to Town Hall, you can sit in your car, as long as you do not interfere with the Sertex crew testing the fiber. However, this connection is MUCH faster than what you would find at Town Hall and is a good preview of the type of speeds you can expect to see once broadband is rolled out to residents.

There is still no specific date for FSA04 go-live, but we will post an update as soon as we know. After Sertex completes testing the lines, then home installations will begin.