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A question for the folks on this page, informal survey if you will...

There has been a several letters to the editor in the Country Journal recently that are, frankly, outright lies about what has been happening in town hall, and targeting the town administrator in particular.

My question is this: would you prefer to have replies back in the country journal? Or at town meeting? Or to hold an information session? Or letters sent out (cost of postage is an issue)? Or ignore it all?

I've been hesitant to argue with folks that appear to have no regard for the truth because they're willing to say almost anything if it supports their own misguided, ill-informed agenda. But, I want to ensure that the accurate picture of how much town hall and the town in general are progressing is known and give residents a forum to ask questions if they have them.

Thoughts on the best way to do this given that everyone has chaotic schedules of their own to juggle?
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7 days ago  ·  

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